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    Msg  #  :  10277 – Saturday July 16th From   :  STORMBRINGER SOULSTEALER To         :  ALL Topic    :  STAR TREK Well guys tomorrow the fun begins and I still have two positions open.  They are Chief medical officer and chief of communications……… As per people playing, it’s so far (and tell me if I miss someone)…………. […]

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    ———-  Forwarded message  ———- Date: Tue, 05 Aug 1997  14:19:37  -0600 From: Soulcatcher To: Saville Subject:  You were warned! Gorgeous one, That’s it, I’m done.  I give in to your overpowering temptation.   I can’t fight you anymore.  I thought perhaps we should take it slow and ensure our TOTAL faith in the unstoppable juggernaut we […]

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Posted by Amanda Gray on January 19, 2014

Amanda Gray:

These are simply exquisite! I looooove KidddddEEEES!!!

Originally posted on Creative Splurges:

Just before Christmas my wife and I welcomed a new member to our family. No, not a baby. Not another new lens either – I’m not that far gone I’d consider a lens a new member of our family, not yet anyway. Courtesy of my sister-in-law’s cat, who had a litter back in November, we were given a little boy kitten a week before Christmas day. We’ve named him Freddie.

1/80, f/4, ISO 5000, 47mm

1/80, f/4, ISO 5000, 47mm

He’s settling in much faster than Rambow and Zelda did when we adopted them back in May. Even Cookie, our first cat and one notoriously bad at accepting animals, or people, or generally anyone who isn’t me or my wife, has warmed to him quicker than she did to the other two. I guess she must be getting used to this by now. Not that she looks particularly happy about this new development in her…

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